Easy DIY Room Decor Ideas

If you’re looking to ramp up your room appeal with some unique do-it-yourself projects, these DIY room decor ideas are just what you need.

Interior of cozy bedroom in modern designSwanky Reading Corner

Create a cozy reading nook by attaching a curved curtain rod to your ceiling and hanging billowing lengths of white tulle or another gauzy fabric that reaches to the floor. Install tie backs so that the curtains can be pulled back and held in place to reveal your little nook.

Place a fuzzy white faux fur rug in the corner, and a bean bag chair or other comfy reading chair in the nook, along with a small wall shelf to place a few books upon. There you have it – an enviable private little spot to get lost in a book.

Fresh Frames

Attach an inexpensive full-length mirror to the wall and trim it out with molding that you’ve painted to coordinate with your room’s color scheme. Use hot glue to attach silk flowers of varying styles, sizes and colors to the upper left and lower right corners of the frame.

Start with the largest flowers in the corners, and use smaller and smaller flowers as you get further away from the corners. For the side of the mirror frame, the “trail” of flowers should taper off as you get one-third of the way down the side of the frame. For the top or bottom of the mirror frame, taper it off just before it reaches the other corner.
You can also replicate this same decor idea for picture frames.

Dazzling Pinned Pictures

Everyone knows about the decor idea of adding a little “light” drama to your room using white Christmas lights, but this project puts a fresh twist on the idea. Take a strand of white Christmas lights (or colored, if you prefer) and string it so that it drapes along the wall. You can create one big swoop or for a smaller area, create descending swoops of draped lights.

Next, take plastic mini clothespins, which you can find in the crafts or scrapbooking section of many stores, and clip them to the wires, between the lights. Be sure not to pinch the wires or cause damage. Then take pictures of you and your friends and clip them into the clothespins.

Washi Pop

Create pops of color and texture all over your room using washi tape. Choose several rolls of tape that are either coordinating colors or are the same color but with varying patterns. The ways you can use this as a color accent are endless.

If you have a ceiling fan, clean the ceiling fan blades and let dry. Then apply strips of washi tape to the underside of the blade (the side you can see). Apply a different color or pattern of tape to each blade. When you are done, the fan blades will appear striped.

Wall Art Wow

For quick and easy wall art, take an artist’s canvas (or buy a cheap painting done on a canvas from a thrift store) and wrap it with pretty fabric, stapling the fabric to the back of the frame with a staple gun. Be sure to keep the fabric taut and check as you go to avoid wrinkles. Hang several canvases of different sizes and different shapes, with coordinating fabrics. This is a fantastic way to get color on the walls if you’re a renter who can’t paint the walls.

Using these DIY room decor ideas, you can change up your room and give it a fresh new look every season, without breaking the bank.