DIY Wall Decor Panels

Whether you’re a renter who isn’t allowed to paint or you’re just looking for a way to add a bold burst of color to your neutral walls, these DIY projects for wall decor panels are a simple solution.

Green modern bedroom with shower - 3d renderingHexagon Havoc

Two of the hottest trends in home decor right now are metallic finishes and geometric shapes, and this idea is right in line with those trends. If you’re not into metallic, you can choose paper colors and patterns that fit in with your own decor instead.

You’ll need heavy scrapbooking cardstock in gold foil, gold glitter, black, and dark grey. You’ll also want a hexagon paper punch, tacky glue, and an artist’s canvas. Tall, narrow canvases draw the eye upward and create the illusion of height.

Use the paper punch to punch out as many hexagons as you can get out of each sheet of cardstock. Then apply the tacky glue to the back of each hexagon, and place them on the canvas in a random pattern, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Leave a sliver of the canvas showing between all the hexagons.

Wall “Quilt” Panels

This DIY project is easy enough for any novice to tackle. Pick out a variety of artist’s canvases, or save money by purchasing used canvases or paintings at a thrift store. If you choose second hand canvases, you may want to paint over them in white so no colors or patterns show through a lighter color fabric in the final product.

Buy fabric in different (but coordinating) colors or patterns. An easy way to pick out coordinating fabrics is to go to a quilting fabric store, because there are gorgeous collections of cotton fabrics that are designed to go together for quilting projects. Make sure you bring measurements of each fabric with you to the store so you get the right amount of fabric.

Lay the fabric “right side” (pattern side) down on the floor, then lay the canvas face down onto the middle of the fabric. Pull the fabric over the edge of the frame and staple. Work on the top, then the bottom, then one side, and then the other. Take care to keep the fabric taut and wrinkle-free. Trim away any excess fabric.

When you are done, decide how you want to arrange them on the wall, and use 3M removable adhesive hooks to hang them, making them easy to remove without a trace when you move out.

Divider To Decor

Find an attractive room divider that comes in 3 hinged panels that you like. Using a screwdriver, remove the screws and hinges to separate the panels. Then you simply hang the panels on the wall with a few inches in between them for some instant charm. If you want to take this idea a step further, you could paint the panels to add a pop of color, or paint them the same color as the walls if you just want to add a little depth and texture.

You could use these DIY wall decor panels to add color and dimension to the walls in every room of your home. Not only are they simple and inexpensive, but you can take them with you no matter where you move, and best of all, they’re landlord-friendly.