DIY Home Decor Projects

Simple DIY home decor projects don’t require much skill or expertise. Just follow these easy tips to refresh, renew and re-purpose areas in the home quickly and effectively.

A photo of a paintbrush and swatchesPaint

Painting walls is perhaps the fastest way to achieve a new look. It also does not have to be an expensive exercise, depending on the size of the area that needs to be painted. Plus there is no need to hire a painting contractor, anyone can successfully paint a wall.

First get the necessary items together:

  • Choose a paint color that suits the style of the home as well as individual taste
  • Cover sheets for furniture, floors and other items to prevent splashes and messes
  • Tape to define areas to be painted and areas that shouldn’t be painted such as trims, cornices and other areas
  • Brushes and rollers

Ask the attendant at the local paint store to provide the necessary items and to advise you on the types and sizes of brushes, tape and other materials you will need. They should also be able to provide assistance in choosing the ideal color paint.

Decorate It

There are a multitude of simple DIY ideas to decorate and add ornamental value to a home. Colored bottles or clear bottles filled with colored water or sand make great candle holders or vases. These can be used in any area of the home.

Use items that would normally be stored in closets or cabinets as ornaments. Jugs, bowels and plates are great decorative items. Even a pair of fancy high heeled shoes placed strategically on a shelf in a bedroom can be ornamental. Books scattered around shelves and not just neatly arranged will also add dimension and decor value. Be creative and bold and take any desirable items out of the closet.

Home Office

This is probably one of the easiest and innovative home decor projects ever. Simply turn a hall or other closet into a home office by placing a desk inside the closet. The existing shelving covers all the necessary storage requirements and the door can shut a messy office space away when it is unwanted.

Alternatively, the closet door can be removed to make access to the home office permanent. Paint the inside of the closet, shelves and desk to add style and class to the home office. Install a trendy light fitting to make the area even more unique. Decorate the rest of the closet as necessary using the information provided above.

With DIY home decor project, it is important to keep in mind that it is more about putting a personal touch in your home and making a statement than expert interior design. So be bold and let the creativity flow.

If however, there is some difficulty deciding what decor changes are best and easiest to achieve, do some research and find other simple ideas online. Alternatively, get an interior design DIY expert to provide advice on the types of projects that would be suitable for a specific home.