Gothic Home Decor

 Gothic home decor is a dramatic design style that can make any room feel dark and edgy. It involves a lot of rich fabrics, creepy creature motifs, and moody colors. It can also incorporate furniture with intricate carvings or metal accents, as well as stone textures and wood features.


Victorian gothic home decor is a popular decorative style that’s based on the Victorian era. It’s a great way to add the gothic look to your home without going too extreme or spending a fortune.


According to Bob Vila, this style is a “perfect blend of Victorian and Gothic” that’s inspired by the art and architecture of the era. It’s not all black and purple, however; there are several shades of greens, coral, and bright blues that can work in gothic home decorating.


A good place to start incorporating the gothic aesthetic is with your wall paint. This can be a more affordable, low-commitment approach to gothic decor than a whole room remodel, so try painting your wall in a dark shade like charcoal or gray.


To create a dramatic effect, you can also drape thick curtains across your windows. This goes especially well in a bedroom.


For even more dramatic effects, you can drape heavy tassels, tiebacks, or fringe to your window coverings. This can create a luxurious look, and it will also help filter the light and create a dark atmosphere in your space.


Another great option for decorating a gothic space is to add rugs. A rug can act as a backdrop to your furniture pieces and can be crafted of many different materials, including cotton or wool. These rugs are also great for defining spaces, especially in the hallways and entranceways.


These rugs also come in a variety of different styles, so you can find one that works well with your gothic home decor. These rugs can be patterned, and they’re often made of plush materials that are soft to the touch.


When choosing a rug, it’s important to select one that will match the tone of your wall paint and other gothic elements. For example, if your walls are painted a shade of charcoal or gray, you should choose an area rug that’s made from a similar material.



This will give the space a more cohesive appearance and help it flow from room to room. It’s also a good idea to pick out a rug that’s large enough to cover your entire floor, so you can create a consistent visual impact throughout your home.


The next time you’re looking for a decorative element to add to your gothic style, consider skulls. This iconic symbol can be a perfect way to add a bit of whimsy and drama to your gothic design scheme, says Johnson.


Skulls can be displayed in several different ways, from placing them on a mantel to displaying them on a side table or tray. You can even have skull candles, which are fun as they will cast scary shapes on your walls. You can also find skull-themed vases, pillow covers, and other accessories to dress up your home with this edgy motif.

Michael has just fallen in love with gothic home decor. Here are some of the ways he’s decorated his home in the Goth Style.